About Zoweh

Life, Heart and Kingdom—three distinct words to describe the vision of our ministry and Zoweh’s initiatives. Daily, our mission is to help people know and enjoy intimacy, connectedness and oneness with God.

Vision: To encourage Redemptive Communities formed and experienced around the world—communities that experience God together, Life from the Heart, and live together in His Kingdom.

Mission: Coming along side men and women to love and encourage them in their journey with God so they might truly experience who they are, where they are, and all the good He is up to in their lives—all critical ingredients to an oriented life.

Values: We value the full work of Christ as revealed in His life, ministry and offer of Healing, Restoration, Freedom and Life. We love to share with others the full work of Christ—His death, resurrection and ascension—so they can experience the freedom and life Jesus promised and for which they were made!

Strategy: That we (our Zoweh team) would experience Intimacy, Oneness and Connectedness with God for ourselves first, believing that is the most important thing. Ministry will be the fruit of our lives not the goal or objective. We have found:

You can serve someone and not be in love with them, but it is near impossible to love someone and not serve them.

Michael Thompson
Search and Rescue:
The Life and Love that is Looking for You