The Heart of a Warrior Encounter
The Heart of a Warrior Allies Advance
"a life of more"


We are a Redemptive Community of hearts—men and women—pursuing God for more... Read More


We believe we were made for a Life of intimacy, a great romance, and that Life with God is greatly opposed... Read More


We have discovered an Ancient Way. The first-century believers were called the followers of The Way... Read More


Every Reformation has its statement; Jesus said I came that they may have Life, and Luther, Here I stand. Read More

Zoweh Podcast

Our Exploring More Podcast is an invitation to conversations committed to sharing our discoveries of the wild and wonderful Kingdom of God… how it works, who we are in it, and the Love and Life that is constantly pursuing us. The Kingdom of God isn’t easy nor is everything in our story good—there are predators and parasites in the spiritual realm, another kingdom, the kingdom of darkness that exists and violently opposes our discovering and becoming more.

Zoweh Allies

Zoweh is committed to spreading the seeds of more life, more love and more freedom. Our strategy is to come along side and encourage, coach and equip individuals, ministry groups and church groups.

We’ve developed a special place here on Zoweh just for our allies and to identify how we might partner together through Redemptive Communities to Advance the Kingdom.  We are convinced that through our friendships that ministry will organically develop.  Enter here and lets start the journey!

Zoweh Partners

At Zoweh, we are on a mission to partner with God to see hearts come to Life. We are compelled to create environments for hearts to encounter and connect to the heart of God… and experience more. Whether at weekend getaways with God, a weekly gathering of hearts, meeting one-on-one for growing friendship or exploring one of the Zoweh’s resources, we believe God is restoring all things by making all things new! It is in this great restoration we see the world transformed and we believe God has a role for us to play.