The Heart of a Warrior Encounter 2020


Rockbridge YoungLife
170 Spring House Rd, Goshen, VA 24439
United States
Thu, 04/30/2020 - 2:00pm to Sun, 05/03/2020 - 12:00pm

The Heart of a Warrior Encounter is our weekend conference initiative designed to take a man into his deep heart and intimate encounters with God. Time away with God is critical to healing, training… becoming more. Main conference themes align with material found in John Eldredge’s books, Robert Lewis’s Men’s Fraternity, Neil Anderson’s Victory Over the Darkness, and the teachings of C.S. Lewis, Dallas Willard, A.W. Tozer, and other great faculty members of our hearts … all created to take a man further up and further in to the LIFE God offers.

The Heart of a Warrior Encounter

This experience has stirred my heart and fired me up to live in the BIG STORY… I want more of this! God wants more of me. Thank you for your hearts and your obedience to the call.


During the weekend we have three main objectives: help a man get his heart back, teach him how to fight and show him where the battles are. To see Christ come for a man’s heart and what God is up to in validating a man, initiating him and calling him into the larger story is truly a glorious thing. It is a fierce journey for every man, but one that desperately needs to be taken.

Join the squadrons of men who are hungry and thirsty for more—the Kingdom needs more men who know what it is to walk deeply with God. Come join us and be one of the men who is seeking and finding more … There is more!

Inviting your band of brothers or small group to join us? Email Sherry Jennings at to set up a group name for them to select when they register; this will aid us in the housing assignment process.

If you have questions about an event, or financial aid/scholarship needs, etc., please contact conference coordinator Sherry Jennings at For our event refund policy see our Terms & Conditions.

Invite Others! We've created downloadable fliers for you to print and share as well as a church slide.

I have to start off by saying that words can’t express the experience and impact this has had on my life…Ive got a lot to look at and walk with God in…I am so looking forward to what God has next and the rest of my journey. I now feel better equipped to live and walk with Him.


Are you alumni? Step into more as part of the conference team! Please apply for the team here: A discount code is available to team members; refunds will NOT be made to team members who register at full price.

Are you a group leader? Email Sherry Jennings at to set up a group name for your men to select as they register!

Registration fee of $345 includes:

  • notebooks
  • sessions
  • bunkhouse style accommodations
  • meals served family style Thursday dinner-Sunday breakfast
  • 'round the clock coffee
  • Freetime activities on site (hiking, disc golf, zipline, game room, gym, hot tub)

Optional things to consider that would be an additional cost (NOT INCLUDED): 

  • books/apparel from the Zoweh Outpost
  • items from the snack bar (ice cream, candy bars, chips, popcorn, soda, etc.)
  • items from the camp store (mugs, shirts, blankets)

And of course, the costs inherent to travel to and from the event are NOT included.

If traveling by plane and you'd like to connect with other men to potentially share rental cars, etc., please email Sherry (